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Pop artist Stephen Chambers answers the question,
"What would Andy Warhol have done with Photoshop?"

The Pop Art Factory art available at these retailers:


Follow Your Dreams


Dream Big Dreams

Steve McQueen Bright Colors

Wonder Woman Bright Colors

Jeannie Shrimpton Bright Colors

Amy Winehouse Bright Colors

Frida Bright Colors

Prince Bright Colors

Hendrix Bright Colors

Anthony Bourdain

Elvis Bright Colors

David Bowie Bright Colors

Elvis 9

Elvis 5

Steve McQueen III

James Dean III

Amy Winehouse


James Marshall Hendrix


David Bowie, Shhh...

Debbie Harry (Blondie)

Jeannie Shrimpton

Janis Joplin

Wonder Woman

Charlie Chaplin 3

Charlie Chaplin 2

Charlie Chaplin 1

Dream Big Live Big

Never Give Up On Your Dream

Become The Dream

The Sky's The Limit

Live The Dream

Build The Dream

Dream No Evil

Dare To Dream

Never Stop Dreaming

Ford GT

Jaguar D-type

Porsche 917 3 Quarter-view

Porsche 917 Front

Ferrari 156 Sharknose 3 Quarter-view

Ferrari 156 Sharknose Rear-view

Ferrari 156 Sharknose

Ferrari 156 Sharknose Side-view

Ferrari 330 P4 Rear

Ferrari 330 P4 3 Quarter-view

Ferrari 330 P4 Front



Maverick Love

Maverick Thumbs Up

DJ Yoda

Game Over

Son Of Pacman

DaVinci Invaders

Basquiat Soup

Warhol Soup

Marilyn Soup 2

Marilyn Soup

Original Spray Black


Original Spray

Three Ballerinas

3D Rat

Marilyn All Of My Love

Life is Beautiful

The P.M.


F the office

Rain Girl

Love Is The Answer

Balloon Thrower


Love Is In The Air



Love Robot


Live Life

Ruth Maris Judge

John Paul Ringo and George

Loretta Lynn

Aaron Judge hits number 62

Aaron Judge

Frida Poppy Sunset

Marilyn Poppy Sunset

George Harrison Green

Beatles Dream

Andy Warhol Superstar Edie Sedgwick 2

Peace Edie Sedgwick


Andy Warhol Superstar Edie Sedgwick

The Beatles Jump

The Fifth Beatle Billy Preston

Ringo Starr

John Lennon Portrait

Paul McCartney

George Harrison Smoking

George Harrison Beatles

George Harrison

Ed Sullivan Beatles 2

Beatles Peace and Love

Beatles Love You

Beatles Imagine Peace

Beatles Peace Within

Beatles with Pete Best

Beatles DC Coliseum

Fly Beatles

Celebrate Beatles


Shea Stadium Ticket

The Cavern Club

Teatime for Beatles

Urban Beatles

Ringo Starr in HELP!

Sgt Pepper

Junkyard Beatles

Cavern Club John Lennon

Smoking Beatles


Ed Sullivan Beatles

Rushmore Lincoln Heavy Graffiti


Beatles Heavy Graffiti

Lady Gaga Heavy Graffiti

David Bowie Heavy Graffiti

David Heavy Graffiti

LOVE Heavy Graffiti

Liberty Heavy Graffiti


Skull Heavy Graffiti

Jerry Garcia Heavy Graffiti

Tupac Heavy Graffiti

Queen Heavy Graffiti

Queen Graffiti

Frida Heavy Graffiti

Mona Lisa Heavy Graffiti

Hendrix Heavy Graffiti

Jake & Elwood Heavy Graffiti

Beach Horses 5

Wild Horses 15

Wild Horses 16

Wild Horses 5

Wild Horses 4

Wild Horses 6

Wild Horse 2

Wild Horse 1

Beach Horses 4

Queen Union Jack


King Charles Graffiti

Moon Rocket Graffiti

Moon Rocket Launch

Moonprint Graffiti

Artemis Moon Rocket

Pink Moon Man

Moon Rocket & Gantry Tower

Graffiti On The Moon

NASA Spacesuit

NASA Artemis Moon Rocket On Launch Pad

NASA Return To The Moon

Serena 4

Serena 3

Serena Portrait

Marilyn Heavy Graffiti

Beach Horses 3

Better Call Saul


Beach Horses 2

Beach Horses 1

Picasso the Famous Wild Mustang

Muybridge Horse

Horse In Motion

Horse Trot

Don't Worry Be Happy

Horse Of A Different Color

River Crossing

Love Horse

Peace Horse In The Snow

Lowell George Magenta

Lowell George Cyan

Lowell George/Little Feat

Brooklyn Bridge Two

Bitcoin Four

Bitcoin Three

Bitcoin Two

Bitcoin One

Eiffel Tower Five

Eiffel Tower Four

Eiffel Tower Three

Eiffel Tower Two

Eiffel Tower One


Audrey Hepburn


Let It Be 2

Malcolm X 2

Malcolm X

BB King


Funky Tut

Easy Rider Forever

John Lennon New York City

John Lennon New York City 2

Joe Biden Graffiti

Hendrix Graffiti 2

Tupac Graffiti

Bob Marley Graffiti

Frida Graffiti



Joe Biden

Bill Russell

Lt. Uhura (Nichelle Nichols)

Bob Marley One Love

Bob Marley Jammin

Love Bob Marley Graffiti


Kurt Cobain

Jake and Elwood Blues Bros

Lava Lamp Hendrix

Purple Hendrix

Acid Hendrix

Marilyn Life is Beautiful

Ray Charles Life is Beautiful

Mona Lisa Life is Beautiful

Jerry Garcia Life is Beautiful

Frankenstein Life is Beautiful

Tom Petty Life is Beautiful

Skull Life is Beautiful

John Belushi Life is Beautiful

Bob Marley Life is Beautiful

Tom Petty II

Tom Petty

Mick & Keith

Painted Precision Bass

Painted Les Paul

Painted Telecaster

Painted Stratocaster

Nuclear Test VIP Observers

Crossroads Baker Test

Purple Elephant

Liberty Waning

Mona Lisa II

Paul McCartney

Neil deGrasse Tyson 2

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Love New York

Love Paris

Love London

Black Lives Matter

Love Black Lives Matter






OMG (white)

Hashtag (white)

at (white)

YES (white)

WTF (white)

3 Stooges Triptych

Bill Maher

Kate McKinnon

Kathy Griffin

Dick Gregory

Peter Sellers (Dr. Strangelove)

Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat)

Larry David

John Cleese

Norm Macdonald

Chris Farley

Jay Leno

Eddie Murphy

Marty Feldman

Kristen Wiig

Robin Williams

Lily Tomlin

John Belushi

Stephen Colbert

Seth Meyers

Jimmy Fallon

Trevor Noah

Jimmy Kimmel

Kevin Hart

Gilda Radner

Gilbert Gottfried

Wanda Sykes

George Carlin

Jerry Seinfeld

Richard Pryor

Jim Carrey

Andy Kaufman (Latka)

Chris Rock

Breonna Taylor

Princess Diana

MLK Mug Shot

George Floyd

Zelensky Camo

Grateful Jerry 2

John Lennon 10

Warhol Painted Wig


Rosa Parks Mugshot


Smile Girl

Marilyn Rain

Top Gun Maverick

3D Glasses

3D Marilyn

3D Marilyn Lips


Love Xbox

Love Playstation

Triple Cracker Jack

Bazooka Bubble Gum

Sonic the Hedgehog

Super Mario


Space Invaders

Thirty Cents A Gallon II

Thirty Cents A Gallon



Two Kings

Texas Flag



Jack Kerouac

Sean Connery as James Bond

I Want to Believe


Willie Nelson Blvd

Vic Morrow in Combat!

Klaatu Barada Nikto

R2D2 Graffiti

Pumpjack Landscape


Pumpjack Orange

Pumpjack Blue


Willie Nelson

Western Diamondback

Hawaiian Palm 3

Hawaiian Palm 1

Hawaiian Palm 2

Hawaiian Palm 4

Reimagined Blue Nude II


George Reeves as Superman

William Shatner as Captain James T. Kirk

Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock

Mike Nesmith (The Monkees)

Adam West as Batman



Johnny Depp

Anthony Bourdain

Surrender Dorothy (Judy Garland)

French President Emmanuel Macron 1

French President Emmanuel Macron 2

Highland Cow 1

Highland Cow 2

Highland Cow 3

Highland Cow 4

Highland Cow 5

Highland Cow 6

Highland Cow 7

Steve Jobs 2

Twilight Zone Rod Serling

Muhammad Ali 2

Muhammad Ali

Jim Morrison

Let It Be Psychedelic

Silver Lennon

Psychedelic Lennon

Magenta Lennon

Cyan Lennon

David Bowie 2

Dr. John with Rattlesnake Turban

Steve Jobs


Barack Obama

Adele 2

Lady Gaga

Jackie Kennedy

Selfie (Andy Warhol)

RBG (Ruth Bader Ginsburg)

All Stars

The King of Pop (Warhol Interview)

All Stars II

Zelenskyy IV

Mars Man (Elon Musk)

Zelenskyy III

Einstein Speed of Light

Zelenskyy II

The Rock (Dwayne Johnson)

Ukranian President Zelenskyy

Banksy Unmasked

Liberty Quadrant

Mount Rushmore

LOVE Quadrant


Liberty's Torch

Moai Two

Great Pyramids of Giza

American Flag

Ray (Ray Charles)

Famous Songwriter (Bob Dylan)

Liberty Four

SAMO (Basquiat)


Andy (Andy Warhol)

Liberty One


LOVE Three

Mother Superior (Yoko Ono)

Liberty Three

Marilyn (Marilyn Monroe)

Moai Five


Major Tom (David Bowie)

Liberty Two

I Have A Dream



Grateful Jerry (Jerry Garcia)

Chelsea Hotel

Hitch (Alfred Hitchcock)

Are You Experienced (Jimi Hendrix)

Dali (Salvador Dali)

Peace and Love


NASA First to Orbit (John Glenn)

Moon Man

Fab Four (Beatles)

Zappa (Frank Zappa)

Yuri Gagarin


Charlie (Charlie Watts)

Moai Four

Great Sphinx

Eiffel Tower Four

Snoop (Snoop Dogg)

Andy and Archie (Andy Warhol)

Skull Smoking

Elephant Graffiti

Freddie Queen (Freddie Mercury)

Imagine Peace

Ric Cars (Ric Ocasik)

Moai One


Idris (Idris Elba)

Le Mans McQueen (Steve McQueen)


Elwood and Jake (The Blues Brothers)

The Dean (James Dean)

The Rebel (James Dean Two)

Purple Haze (Jimi Hendrix Two)

2pac (Tupac Shakur)

MLK (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.)

Eiffel Tower Three



Mona Lisa Redux

Anne Frank Remembrance


Elvis (Elvis Presley)


Mick (Mick Jagger)

Surreal (Salvador Dali Two)

Reggae Bob (Bob Marley)

Peace Chief Two

One Small Step

Che Guevara

Tambourine Man (Bob Dylan Two)

Imagine (John Lennon)

Teen Spirit (Kurt Cobain)


Eiffel Tower Under Construction



Betty (Betty White)

Eiffel Tower Two

Moai Three

Marilyn Graffiti


Ketanji Brown Jackson

No Fumar

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